A Family Legacy Show — Santa Fe 🗓

Please Join us onthree horiz-small
Friday, July 22nd
at The Signature Gallery in Santa Fe
From 4 pm to 7 pm
Live Music and Refreshments
Together in Santa Fe for the First Time!
Recognizing the natural abilities that both Michael and Cara inherited, Charles Pabst passed on his extraordinary lineage of gifts by nurturing and mentoring the talent that he recognized in them.
Family adventures, and explorations of nature and the great Southwest, provided the greatest source of inspiration for paintings that are filled with luminous light and brilliant color.
This family of artists in their own original styles, inspired “by the unspeakable beauty of nature”, continue to paint works that stir the heart and move the soul.”
Coming together for the fist time at The Signature Gallery Santa Fe, the trio will be in house to display their newest collections of work. Join us for our biggest show of the season.
For more information, call 505-983-1050.
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