The Signature Gallery consists of three unique galleries. Each gallery represents a different group of artists, reflecting their particular locations.
All of our consultants can help you with artwork at any location.

Scottsdale Gallery

7177 E. Main St., Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Phone:  480-949-7003
Fax:  480-632-0226

Laguna Beach Gallery

220 Forest Ave., Laguna Beach, CA  92651 Phone: 949-376-4244
Fax: 949-376-899

Santa Fe Gallery

102 E. Water St., Santa Fe, NM 87501
Phone: 505-983-1050
Fax:  505-983-1055


Artist Submissions

Thank you for your interest in working with The Signature Gallery. Before submitting we ask that you please take a moment to review our website at to determine if your work might be of interest to our gallery.

Please Review the following guidelines before submitting:

  • We do not accept submissions via mail or on-site delivery.
  • Only on-line submissions will be reviewed.
  • We review artists every few months.

If we become excited about your work a gallery representative will contact you to make arrangements for an interview and viewing.

Submit the following items to for review:

1. A link to your website, or attached JPEG images of your most recent work
2. Retail pricing for all work
3. Bio and Resume
4. A list of all the galleries that currently represent your work

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