Please join us in welcoming our Newest Artist: Naomi Brown. We are overjoyed to officially represent Naomi in our Santa Fe gallery!

“I love to capture the delicate beauty and colors of the Southwest in my paintings. The desert calms me with its peace and beauty. I was fortunate to
have grown up in Twentynine Palms California, enjoying its beauty- from the smallest desert animals to its vast, open, and colorful landscapes."

Naomi Brown is a self-taught artist and has been painting for the past 17 years. Naomi paints on museum board and canvas. Using masterful technique, she paints the base layer of her gradient skies in acrylic, then paints clouds and foreground over the top of the acrylic with oil. Brown strives for the depth and vibrant color that the combination of the two mediums gives her paintings.

With features in #SouthwestArt #WesternArtCollector #AmericanArtCollector and her acceptance into a variety of highly regarded shows such as the 2019 and 2020 #LAArtShow and the upcoming 2021 #CowGirlUp Art show, Naomi Brown has become an explosive talent in the Western Art scene- and an artist to watch closely for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

For more information on Naomi, please visit our website.

“Mojave Monsoon Brewing” Oil on Canvas. 48x72.

#NaomiBrown #Southwest #Landscape #Artist #TheSignatureGallery #SantaFe #NewMexico

38 0

Drop by our gallery at 220 Forest Avenue to view the latest installation of new arrivals from our local artists. ...

34 2

Fresh from Reid Richardson’s Easel!

“Shimmering Vista” 48x72.

#ReidRichardson #Artist #CamelbackMountain #OilPainting #Scottsdale #MainStreet #Art #Gallery

112 5

“Thundershot” by Wade Koniakowsky. Oil, 30x30.

Meet the Artist at his Live Painting Demonstration on Forest Avenue from 2-4 PM, then join us for the Opening Reception of his Show from 6-8 PM in our Laguna Beach gallery!

Offering an up close perspective into the mystique of the ocean, Koniakowsky has captivated collectors from coast to coast with his intimate knowledge and expert rendering of the sea; Paired with his keen eye for composition and design, Wade creates what feels like a vivid window to a frontier we have yet to fully explore…

#WadeKoniakowsky #Artist #Ocean #OilPainting #ForestAve #LagunaBeach #California

56 3

The title piece for her upcoming opening & exhibition has arrived! “Colors of Autumn” by Michelle Chrisman. Oil, 36x48.

Meet New Mexico’s Contemporary Plein Air Sensation: Michelle Chrisman in our Santa Fe gallery.

Friday, September 24th. 5-7 PM.

Enjoy a day at the Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta and join us for a beautiful evening showcase of Chrisman’s new collection in our historic downtown location. Chat with the artist, learn about her locally-taught classes, and bask in the Colors of Autumn with us!

+ light refreshments & small bites

For more information, please visit the events page on our website.

62 1

We are thrilled to officially announce the arrival our newest artist in Laguna Beach, Wade Koniakowsky!

As one of the nation’s leading ocean-inspired artists, Wade began painting at the age of 6 and started surfing before he was 12. By blending these two passions, he has gained worldwide recognition for his oil paintings of tropical interpretations.

Koniakowsky’s ability to capture the majesty of the sea, coupled with notable partnerships like ROXY, Billabong, and glowing recognition from Jim Moriarty, President of the Surfrider Foundation- have all been factors that have led Wade to be widely collected both privately and publicly by figures like NFL super bowl champion Troy Polamalu, who owns over two dozen of Koniakowsky’s pieces.

In an interview with Surfd Magazine Wade stated, “Surfing is very sensory and very visual. It naturally inspires art. Almost every time I’m in the water I see something worthy of a painting.”

Meet Wade Koniakowsky at his Opening Reception on Saturday, September 25th from 6-9 PM in our Laguna Beach gallery, and experience the visual sensations that our new artist is so skilled at creating!

“Liquid Rhythms”
Oil on Canvas, 24x36

#WadeKoniakowsky #OceanArt #Seascape #OilPainting #LagunaBeach #California #Art #Gallery

91 7

“Dos Arroyos de Cañones” by Michelle Chrisman. Oil on Canvas, 30x40.

Michelle Chrisman will be in our Santa Fe gallery on Friday, September 24th from 5-7 PM for her upcoming one-woman-show: COLORS OF AUTUMN

Meet one of Taos’ most renowned modern Plein Air painters, and experience the unmistakably New Mexican color & spirit present in all of her artwork.

“Painting outdoors, I finish my work in one setting and on-location. I am an Impressionist & Expressionist. I strive to remain grounded in the principles of ‘how the visual world works,’ while at the same time, responding emotionally to the beauty of the visual world that I am capturing in paint!”

#MichelleChrisman #PleinAir #Artist #Landscape #OilPainting #SantaFe #NewMexico #Art #Gallery

82 5

A New Reid Richardson Original is coming to Scottsdale!

Oil on canvas, 40x60

After an extremely successful show with us in April, Reid has been working on an entirely new collection of artwork for our installation in Scottsdale. With his current direction comes a new wave of light, color, and composition.

#ReidRichardson #Artist #OilPainting #Scottsdale #Arizona #ArtGallery #ScottsdaleArtWalk

88 3

“Summer Dream” by Jenny Simon. Oil, 48x60.

We invite you to attend Jenny’s Opening Reception for her show and exhibition titled, “Summer Dreams”. This Saturday, August 14th from 6 - 9 PM in our Laguna Beach gallery.

Jenny Simon demonstrates a masterful ability to create intuitively, by painting with both her palette knife, and her hands. Enrapturing colors, textures, and a unique ambiance are found in each piece she brings to life- all based on the emotion that the art itself evokes while she is creating it.

#JennySimon #Artist #PaletteKnifePainting #OilPainter #Seascape #LagunaBeach #Art #Gallery #ForestAve #Opening #Reception #Exhibition

40 2

This Saturday, July 31st we will host Las Vegas based Artist, Chuck Joseph, for his Opening & Reception from 6 PM - 9 PM in our Forest Avenue gallery. Join us in Laguna Beach for an evening showcasing his latest original paintings, and enjoy a night of excitement as you soak in the beauty around you!

With a timeless rendering of scenes depicting the glamorous energy from locations like Paris, Monte Carlo, and Venice- all the way to our very own Laguna Beach- Chuck Joseph has a stylized, illustrative approach to his palette-knife techniques that makes his work stand out against the crowd. He has even been known to embed vintage material onto the canvas, and then paint the subject matter over it in oil for texture… and a piece of history! Above all, Chuck strives to create art that is unique, interesting and beautiful.

“A Glass of Vin and Eiffel” by Chuck Joseph. Oil, 16x20.

#ChuckJoseph #Artist #OilPainting #PaletteKnifePainting #LocalArts #LagunaBeach #California #ArtGallery #FineArt #Opening #Reception

34 4

Santa Fe’s Indian Market Is Back And Better Than Ever! 🎉

Join us for our 2021 Indian Market Artist Group Show in Santa Fe, New Mexico as we feature the original oil paintings and bronze sculptures from some of our premier artists such as Charles Pabst, Michael Pabst, Raymond Gibby, Manfred Rapp, Gayle Wisbon, Kirk Randle, James Ayers, and more on the eve of the 99th annual Indian Market!

Friday, August 20th

5 PM – 7:30 PM

“Mountain Spirit, Apache” by James Ayers. Original Oil on Canvas, 24x30.

#SantaFe #NewMexico #IndianMarket #Artist #GroupShow #Opening #Reception #FineArt #Event

48 2

Save the Date! 📆

On Saturday, July 31st we will be showcasing a new collection of palette-knife paintings from Chuck Joseph! Meet the artist at his reception from 6 to 9 PM in our Laguna Beach gallery and join us for another fantastic show in our Summer series.

#ChuckJoseph #PaletteKnifePainting #OilPainting #Artist #LagunaBeach #ForestAvenue #ArtGallery #LocalArts

31 2

Join us in our Laguna Beach gallery for the #FirstThursdays ArtWalk tomorrow starting at 6 PM! 🎨

See July’s installations of Jenny Simon (pictured), Chuck Joseph, Joëlle Blouin, Reid Richardson, Cara Moran, Paige Bradley, Randy O’Brien, and more!

“Divine Moment” by Jenny Simon. Oil, 30x40.

#JennySimon #Artist #FirstThursdayArtWalk #LagunaBeach #California #ForestAve #LocalArts

28 0

Thank you for one of the best receptions we’ve had in Santa Fe, Manfred Rapp’s opening for “A Moment in Time” was a blast for everyone involved! We are so happy to have helped in connecting Manfred with new collectors and finding homes for 9 of the paintings featured in the show so far.

“A Moment in Time” will continue to be on display until mid-July. Stop in and see an eclectic blend of different time periods, locations, and subject matter- as seen through the eyes of Manfred Rapp!

#ManfredRapp #Artist #Opening #Reception #TheSignatureGallery #SantaFe #NewMexico

37 1

Join us tonight in Scottsdale as we host our summer group exhibition: NEW WORKS, NEW BEGINNINGS featuring the new artworks from Charles Pabst, Michael Pabst, Cara Moran, BC Nowlin, Star York, Robert Hagan, Joëlle Blouin, Reid Richardson, Manuel Avendano, Fred Ortiz, and Jammey Huggins!

“Apache Trail II” by Charles Pabst. Original Oil, 40x30.

#ScottsdaleArtWalk #Scottsdale #Arizona #Artist #Art #Gallery #Exhibition #OilPainting

71 2

“I Feel Love” by Joëlle Blouin.
Acrylic on Canvas, 40x40.

This and an entirely new collection of Joëlle’s work will be on display this Thursday in our Scottsdale gallery at the NEW WORKS, NEW BEGINNINGS group exhibition during the #JuneDays ArtWalk from 6:30 PM to 9 PM.

Join us for a vivacious evening of celebrating the Summer season and ushering in a new beginning with new artwork!

#JoelleBlouin #UrbanCubism #Contemporary #Artist #Modern #Art #Scottsdale #Arizona #Gallery #ScottsdaleArtWalk

51 1

“Fill ‘er Up!” by Manfred Rapp. Oil, 11x14.

This is just one of over 30 new pieces of artwork that Manfred delivered to us for his upcoming show, A Moment in Time. Having traveled to locations like Italy, Paris, Germany, and New Mexico- Manfred enjoys putting his own charming twist on these iconic scenes and rendering them to fit into different eras of time.

Meet the artist at his reception from 5:30 to 8:30 PM in our #SantaFe gallery this Friday, June 25th to see an amazing body of work that he has spent years creating!

32 0

BC Nowlin came in and added a few final touches to some of his masterpieces in our Scottsdale gallery. One of the many things that make him a Gold Medal Artist!

See BC’s latest work alongside the new works from artists like Charles Pabst, Cara Moran, Star Liana York, and more at our our group show: “NEW WORKS, NEW BEGINNINGS” on Thursday, June 24th from 6:30 to 9 PM during the June Days ArtWalk!

#BCNowlin #Artist #Scottsdale #Art #Gallery #ScottsdaleArtWalk #NewWork #NewBeginnings

51 7

Sculptor @gibbybronze created this life-sized monument bronze sculpture in honor of the heroes who gave their lives protecting and serving our country.

“In Remembrance", 20 × 46 × 46 in

"The young marine is kneeling in a moment of silence as he is holding the dog tags of a loved one that gave their life for our country.

My model for this piece is a friend of mine, Steven Rubisch. He fought in Iraq during the second Gulf War. My understanding is that during one battle, he was shot in the arm after only ten minutes into the fight. He fought for another 10 hours with his troop of 12 companions before they won against over 130 enemy combatants.

One week later they finally surgically removed the bullet from his arm. The dog tags that he will be holding will have the name of his friend who died in an IED explosion only three days after arriving in Iraq.

'All gave some, but some gave all.'

– Raymond Gibby

#MemorialDay #InRemembrance #BronzeSculpture #Artist

31 1

Watch this 1-minute sampling of Cara Moran’s most recent works for her upcoming show, Splash of Summer on June 5th!

Meet Cara at her evening reception from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM in our Laguna Beach gallery and enjoy an exciting night surrounded by the contemporary beauty that is found in Cara’s colorful impasto style paintings.

#CaraMoran #Artist #OilPainting #Impasto #PaletteKnifePainting #TheSignatureGallery #LagunaBeach

33 1

Congratulations to @b.c.nowlin on being one of our Gold Medal Artists in 2020! This award is presented for B.C.’s outstanding achievements in the field of Fine Art, and in gratitude for the jaw-dropping artwork he consistently produces in our partnership!

#bcnowlin #goldmedal #artist #oilpainting #scottsdale #arizona #art #gallery

31 4

We are exactly one month away from the first day of Summer 💐

Looking forward to the warm nights, twinkling lights, and beautiful sights!

“Yellow Parasol” by Robert Hagan. Oil, 12x16.

#RobertHagan #Romantic #Impressionist #Artist #Signature #Art #Gallery

37 3

“La Fonda on the Plaza” by Manfred Rapp. Oil, 16x20.

Manfred will be featuring his latest work in New Mexican & European landscapes at our first show of the Summer in Santa Fe on June 25th! We will have a champagne reception from 5:30 - 8:30 PM to celebrate a new season of beauty, as we take in an eclectic variety of street scenes from around the world 🗺

#ManfredRapp #Artist #SantaFe #NewMexico #Art #Gallery #OilPainting

33 1

When we say the work jumps off of the wall, this is what we mean!

With only a brief snapshot of a few of the amazing oil paintings from BC Nowlin, you can really get a feel for how rich and luminous the colors are under light.

#BCNowlin #Southwest #Artist #Scottsdale #Arizona #Art #Gallery #FineArt

27 3

Mark your calendars! 📆

Cara will be in our Laguna Beach gallery on Saturday, June 5th from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM showcasing her new collection of unmistakable oil paintings during her exhibition & reception: Splash of Summer!

“Sandy Shores” by Cara Moran. Oil, 16x12.

#CaraMoran #Artist #TheSignatureGallery #LagunaBeach #California #Art #Gallery #Exhibition #Reception #Event

36 1

Fresh off of the easel!
“Morning Chill” by Michael Pabst.
Oil on Canvas, 58” x 58”

This piece is so new, it’s still wet! Michael just finished this one up in the studio so we’re waiting for it to dry before we frame it, but it just had to be shared! The crisp, contemporary lines of the aspens recede into the textured atmosphere behind them creating a beautiful amount of depth in this painting.

#MichaelPabst #Artist #Aspen #Winter #OilPainting #Art #Gallery #TheSignatureGallery

92 8

The Latest original painting from Michelle Chrisman in Santa Fe!

"Polka Dot Hills of Abiquiu with Red Arroyo" Oil, 40x60.

We are loving the highly saturated use of color in this piece, it jumps off of the wall and says "LOOK AT ME" in equal parts technique and whimsy. You can't help but feel the exuberant joy emanating from the canvas ☺️

#MichelleChrisman #Artist #Abiquiu #OilPainting #TheSignatureGallery #SantaFe #NewMexico #Art

53 5

A particularly meaningful installation of Charles Pabst’s hand-embellished giclee, “Sunset Limited”. This collector bought the piece in honor of her late husband’s memory, as he used to be an avid model railroader. When he saw this piece years before he passed, he claimed it was the best picture he had ever seen.

The stories and emotions we connect to artwork can bring it to life in so many different ways, they can even serve as a reminder of a vibrant and well-lived existence.

#CharlesPabst #LimitedEdition #Giclee #FineArt

41 0

This Thursday! Join us for what will be one of our most exciting events of the season, as we showcase Reid Richardson’s SONORAN SKIES collection during the Western Week ArtWalk!

#ReidRichardson #OilPainting #WesternWeek #ScottsdaleArtWalk #OldTownScottsdale #Arizona

90 4

A recent addition to our Scottsdale gallery, Reid has garnered massive amounts of attention with his new direction in Desert landscapes. From his masterful rendering of Sonoran skies set ablaze by brilliant sunsets, to his thought-provoking use of clouds; this artist crafts unforgettable scenes that connect with anyone who has experienced the one-of-a-kind glow that the Southwest has to offer.

#ReidRichardson #OilPainting #WesternWeek #ScottsdaleArtWalk #OldTownScottsdale #Arizona

42 0

Meet Reid Richardson, enjoy a Spring evening with a glass of wine, experience the Scottsdale Western Week ArtWalk, and take in the unique beauty and culture that surrounds you!

Thursday, April 15th. 6:30 - 9 PM.

#ReidRichardson #OilPainting #WesternWeek #ScottsdaleArtWalk #OldTownScottsdale #Arizona

53 0

BC Nowlin urges the viewer to paint their own perceptions of what his work means, allowing room for creative thought to take root and develop. You can see his work and form a very personal speculation as to what it means, or try to relate to it in a more abstract sense. He leaves the way his depictions are interpreted to those that appreciate his ever-evolving style.

What do you see here?

“Allies” by B.C. Nowlin. Oil, 14" x 11"

#BCNowlin #OilPainting #FineArt #Scottsdale #Arizona #Art #Gallery #SouthwestArt

38 2

Short video of "Spring Cove", 48" x 60", oil on canvas at The Signature Gallery. In love with the texture!

#JennySimon #OilPainting #FineArt #Gallery #LagunaBeach #ArtinMotion #Beautiful #Texture

28 0

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