Jammey Huggins

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Bearer of Gifts

by Jammey Huggins

Size: 12.5x14
Medium: Bronze
Edition Size: 50

"The raven has often been called upon for assistance as a Spirit Guide or Guardian. The flying raven on one side of my vessel represents the raven that Noah first sent from the Ark to find land. The symbol of the raven on the other side of the vessel represents the ability of the raven to be a trickster and to shape shift into a human form. This allows him to accomplish tasks in two different worlds. The raven on the top represents the spirit messenger and the bearer of gifts. Raven's element is air and this allows the shamans to project their influence over great distances. The raven holds in its mouth a small piece of turquoise which is one of the oldest protection amulets known in many cultures. It brings strength, peace to the home, good fortune and a connection to the spirit world." Jammey

Price: $6000
Scottsdale Phone: 480-949-7003