Jammey Huggins

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The Quiet Ones

by Jammey Huggins

Size: 9.5 x 5.5
Medium: Bronze
Edition Size: 30

“The inspiration for my bronze vessel The Quiet Ones came from two distinct sources. As a young child, I loved the outdoors and all of the creatures that I came in contact with. I enjoyed watching, following and trying to catch and study anything that swam, walked, crawled or flew. The quail especially caught my attention. They remained so still and quiet that I could never get close enough to even touch one. Therefore, the name The Quiet Ones. After growing up with this love of animals and the outdoors, I came upon pictures of the ‘Mimbres Culture’ black and white pottery. They also had a love for animals, figures of people and geometric designs. The Mimbres used a very large number of birds in their pottery, mostly bowls. Among these were the stylized shapes of the quail. I incorporated these designs into my vessel. The complete vessel is a memory of my younger years and of my personal experiences. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.”-Jammey

Price: $3200
Santa Fe Phone: 505-983-1050
Price: $3200
Scottsdale Phone: 480-949-7003