Jammey Huggins

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Guardian of the Waters

by Jammey Huggins

Size: 9"T x 6.5"W
Medium: Bronze
Edition Size: 50

Bronze Vessel

"The bronze vessel 'Guardian of the Waters' was created to show the importance of the small mysterious frog that has always intrigued me.
As a child outdoors in the early spring and summer, the frogs would begin croaking after the sun went down. When the rains came, the draw would catch the water and I would see a pair of bright eyes peeping out of the water, and soon hundreds of little tadpoles.
The frog symbol was used in a variety of ways by the Indigenous people. Frog images were painted on the pottery of the Mimbres Culture. The Cherokee created frog symbols in clay, and the Zuni, Cochiti, and Hopi peoples' frog bowls had frog figures representing Frog Woman or First Frog.
The body of the vessel is divided into four parts, each part with a different symbol of a frog. On the top is the frog sitting on the rocks with the tadpoles swimming in the water below. The frog seems to be guarding his domain, thus the title, 'Guardian of the Waters'." -- Jammey Huggins

Price: $3600
Scottsdale Phone: 480-949-7003
Price: $3600
Santa Fe Phone: 505-983-1050