Jammey Huggins

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Cloud Dancer

by Jammey Huggins

Size: 11 x 4.5
Medium: Bronze
Edition Size: 30

Bronze Vessel

"The vessel that I created has the very realistic hummer on the top, sampling the nectar from the cactus flower. On one side is a stylistic hummingbird as it flies backward with its body arched and its tail tucked. On the other side there is the petroglyph, or rock art. This petroglyph shows that the people of the past were intrigued with and admired the hummingbird also. There are also two very small birds on the design that represents their size in relation to their surroundings. The high polish bronze of the vessel represents the sunshine, the bright oranges and yellows the flowers and the blues and greens the sky and grass." -- Jammey Huggins