Jan Van Ek

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We are One

by Jan Van Ek

Medium: Bronze
Edition Size: 10

"I was in my third year of study at the Spiritual Arts Institute, when we were learning of the 'oneness' of all creation - from the smallest of particles all the way to the great Archangels. All life is interconnected and part of the one. This means that all things in creation draw their life from the same spiritual source. There is no power apart from that source. There is only one unifying principle and how we relate to that principle.

Some resist the oneness and therefore move themselves further from their divine origin. Yet regardless of our attitude or perception, we are still part of the one. This was really no great revelation to me because I do think most people instinctually feel this to be true.

I was inspired to draw upon this spiritual truth and share the beauty and value of all creation. How it is important to respect all life, even if that life may not seem to have anything to do with you. Knowing that we are one may help open the door to a more loving and peaceful human experience." --Jan Van Ek