J. R. Eason

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No Regrets

by J.R. Eason

Size: 10"x16"x11"
Medium: Bronze
Edition Size: 25

"All things forbidden may increase desire,
If ever I say otherwise, do call me a liar,
I think of Eve, and consider her plight,
Experience the forbidden…or do what is right?
Sometimes, choosing the ‘wrong’ really feels ‘right’
I relate to Eve in taking that first bite!
I thank her for partaking…she brought “life” to life,
Our Soul is tempered through struggle and strife.

As for me, I love apples…I relish each bite,
I believe most women have faced Eve’s plight.
We each live life through our own mind-set,
My life has been a rollercoaster ride…
But I… have no regret!"
- J.R. Eason

Price: $3800
Scottsdale Phone: 480-949-7003