Star York’s New Pre-Cast

We’ve Just Gotten Word!

Pre-Cast Offer for:
“Home at Last!”
H 27″ x W 14 ” x L 17″
Price available until the first one is cast.
$ 4,900.00
Opening price at time of first cast
$ 5,800.00

Artist statement
In this Sculpture, a weary cowboy is returning home from many days out camping, fixing fences and checking cattle over the vast acres of the ranch land.  As he crests the last hill on his journey back, both he and his horse perk up as they catch a glimpse of the welcoming homestead.  The horse’s step quickens, eager to have a good rub down and his hay filled manger. . . the cowboy, ready to relax his sore muscles in a hot bath and cozy chair in front of the warm hearth.
Star L York